About Us

..One cat at a Time..

Welcome to Astoria Cat Rescue! Our mission and vision as a nonprofit organization is to reduce the feral cat population in the neighborhood of Astoria. In order to do so, we employ efforts to educate the populace about a variety of subjects such as:

1. Why is there a growing population of feral cats?

2. What to do when they encounter a feral cat?

3. The ongoing debate about TNR, what it is about and how it greatly benefits not only the cat population but also the community

4. How the community can aid in reaching our goal of making Astoria a comfortable place to live for cats and human alike.

And more!

We undertake tasks such as going out to feed the neighborhood feral cats,trap them in order to get them spayed and neutered to prevent them from reproducing, and finally get them rehomed where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace and comfort. We also fundraise in order to get food and shelters for the feral cats that need rescuing and as well as waiting adoption in our facilities. So like us and follow us for future announcements regarding our fundraisers, volunteering events,and updates of our efforts to help Astoria with its feral cat problem.

Be a volunteer, BE #ACatvocate!